A little love note to the Athena necklace ~ the necklace that started our obsession with stones and journey into beaded jewellery.

The first necklace we created and the one that gets reached for almost daily and receives the most wear.

Something I twist between my fingers when lost in thought or on a long journey somewhere.
After becoming obsessed with the local crystal shops in Glastonbury last year and reading into healing modalities and energy work, I began looking for something of this nature to carry with me day to day, something to wear to comfort and reassure.

The Athena is made from semi-precious Sodalite. Beautiful dappled, deep blue stones.

Athena necklace

Sodalite is said to bring order and calmness to the mind and wearing blue round the neck is said to help unblock the throat chakra.

We named the necklace Athena, after the goddess of wisdom and courage. Something to empower you to speak and know your truth.

The necklace measures 43cm in length and made from 6mm wide sodalite beads with and a 14ct gold filled toggle closure.

As always, our designs are handcrafted by a small team in Somerset, England.

We hope you enjoy,

Fleur xx