Notes on change


As 2023 comes to an end, I've been reflecting on change and doing things differently.

Change ~ it always seems to bring up a certain amount of fear.

Stepping into the unknown is never easy and sometimes a lot of courage is needed to do things differently.

Something Amanda Norgaard said recently has been going round and round my head the last few weeks ~

"courage is not the absence of fear, but it is the knowing and the desire to move beyond the fear."

It got me thinking of all the ways we have changed this past year at C et C and how what seemed incredibly unknown and daunting at first has now become normality; once there was enough of a desire to move through the fear.

~ We grew from a company of one (just me) to three ~ how to interview, manage, teach and create systems was a new and (at first) scary skillset to navigate.

~ Jewellery was added to our accessories collection, new materials were introduced and a whole new way of working commenced.

~ There was worry over whether a change to the accessories we make would be accepted or find a place online, but the beautiful feedback we have received has erased any concerns or fears that were there at the beginning.

~ Styles we have been making since C et C first began were stopped to make time and space for new designs I am really excited to introduce to you in the new year.

~ We were approached by and were able to work with some of my dream clients (something which seemed very intimidating at first, but has now become both streamlined and fun).

It got me thinking of all the things that can be fearful at first but are worth doing in the end. Sometimes the hardest part can just be starting ~ writing the job description, arranging the meeting, 'playing' with that new material to see what can accidentally be created.

As the new year creeps up on us and we set resolutions (both personal and professional) I am going to be asking myself which intention brings up the most fear ~ which one am I most likely to put off because I think it is 'too hard' or will need a lot of courage. I think I will aim to do that one first.

Mostly, thank you to all of you ~ our lovely customers. It is because of you that we continue to make changes (even when there is fear present) and create and grow and try new things and do what we do.

Receiving messages from people who still have their belt so many years on or have just received their new earrings in the post is such a joy and it is a pleasure to be able to make and ship your orders out every week <3

Wishing you all a cosy end of 2023 and a courageous 2024,

With love,

Fleur xx