Care Tips

A few extra tips for looking after your C et C items:

~ With exposure to water and sunlight, natural vegetable tanned leather will start to become darker and gather marks.

~ The ageing process is completely natural and it shows how loved an item is and how long it has been used for ~ something to be valued and cherished.

~ With time, the item will start to tell your story, tales of where you have been and what you have been up to.

~ Don't worry about light rain, this will fade as the leather dries.

~ You can also use spit clean or use an ever so slightly damp cloth to help minimise any scuffs or light scratches. Rub the marks on the leather in a circular motion to remove them.

~ When not in use ~ store your bag away from sunlight in a dust bag somewhere safe.

~ Most of all enjoy it! Vegetable tanned leather is a rare material that just gets better with time and use - don't be afraid to start your story with your bag, purse or belt.

With love, Fleur xx