Racquel & Jay Totes

Introducing two new tote bags to add to the organic canvas collection.
The Racquel and Jay Totes.

Inspired by and named after my walking home from school buddies ~ for five years during secondary school the three of us would walk an hour home from school everyday from one end of Brighton to another. When we got back to our road we would always want to chat longer and so would end up sitting on a neighbours wall to talk some more and giggle until we cried. We called ourselves the 'wall posse' ~ the name is still just as embaressing now as it was then.

Jay always had a very sensible bag and loved to carry books. Racquel loved visiting the sea after school and was always ready to go swimming ~ her bag usually carried a towel and beach essentials.

Racquel & Jay Totes

Made for books, the beach and having a giggle with friends.

Handcrafted from GOTS Organic canvas with an organic calico lining, side ties, two outside and two inside pockets.

I hope you enjoy <3
With love,

Fleur xx

P.S. The real life Racquel and Jay have reminded me to mention that our wall posse is still going very strong to this day, even though we now live in three different parts of the country <3
Jay Tote

Racquel Tote