Baby Twill Handbag in Rush


One of one baby rush handbag in twill weave. Handmade by award winning basketmaker Ella Merriman.

Rush weaving and basketry is an endangered craft in the UK, with very few practitioners remaining. Ella fell in love with rush the first time she worked with it and describes her creative process as a collaboration between herself and the material. As no human is the same, neither are the rush stems and Ella chooses to respect each one, working symbiotically with the plant to craft each piece. 

Full height: 21cm including the handles
Basket height: 13cm high
Width: 16cm 
Depth: 6cm

100% Bulrush although the handles have been reinforced with fishing wire (please see close-up image). The colour of the rush will slowly mellow to a more golden tone over time. 

Wipe with a damp cloth to clean and leave to air-dry. As this is an organic product, ensure it is not stored in damp conditions.

*Please allow up to 10 days for shipping.

This item is shipped directly from Ella from her North London studio.

No returns but exchanges welcome.


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