The Size Guide

I was recently asked which bead size I reach for the most, which ones do I find most satisfying to wear and get the most use out of.

It took me a while to think and then decide on all of them ~ they are all good for different reasons.

An unhelpful answer I know, but it got me thinking it would useful for you all to see the beads in scale and why each one works for different reasons.

So, following on from the bead guide, today we have a size guide.

When describing the size of the beads used to make our necklaces and earrings we use the diameter of the bead to share the measurement.

The bead is measured straight across the middle from one side to another.


Seed beads are tiny, similar in size to the top of a pin, they are delicate, can add a little flash of colour to an outfit and are great to stack with.

4mm beads are small, elegant and in my mind work as the 'barely there' makeup of the jewellery world ~ it's doing something, but elevating what you already have going on.

6mm beads are fun to twist in between your fingers, they go with everything and can be dressed up or down.

8mm beads are eye-catching, you know you're wearing them as they are slightly weightier and can make an impact to a minimal outfit.

The necklace I have been wearing on repeat recently is the Thallo necklace which is a combination of 8mm and 6mm beads - it went with everything from a pink linen dress, a comfortable kundalini yoga outfit (I love all the jewellery people wear to do kundalini!) to casual jeans and a tee.

The perfect combination of sizes to twizzle and make a statement.

I hope you enjoy,

Fleur xx